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A starter motor is used to provide the initial impulse to turn over your engine. If the starter motor does not function optimally your car or truck will not start or have a 'hard start' and will have to be push started or towed to a repair facility.

We repair and test your starter motor before fitment as installation can be a huge task. We only use quality guaranteed to ensure its longevity.


An alternator is used to replace the power to your battery used to operate your lights, computer box, radio, etc. While driving a lit battery indicator light on your dash is usually a sign of a faulty alternator and should to checked immediately.

We repair and test your alternator prior to fitment as this also can be a huge task. As with starters all parts are quality guaranteed. Remember a faulty alternator will also result in not being able to start your car as the battery would have run flat and needs to be recharged before being able to start the car again.


A battery is used to store energy to be used when needed. A flat battery results from energy being used from it without replenishing it, therefore the need for an alternator on cars and trucks. All batteries have a life span which is usually anything from 2 to 7 years depending on the quality, the correct size for the vehicle and the usage. Fitting a correct size quality battery in your vehicle is very  important as your vehicle requires a certain amount of power for its basic operation and more to operate features that your vehicle might have.

We at Batteries and More only supply quality new batteries in both 1 and 2 year warranty options. We also sell reconditioned batteries with warranties as a cost effective solution.

Scrap Batteries

We also buy all scrap batteries which are bought by the kilo. This pricing changes due to the fluctuation in the lead price.

Auto Electrical Components

We also sell a huge range of electrical components for all starters and alternators, from brushes to Bendix's to solenoids for your starter and rotors to coils to regulators and rectifiers for your alternators.

And More

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is a process of eliminating minor dents from a vehicle. It’s most commonly used to repair those annoying dings caused by door bangs and hail, and dents from other relatively insignificant incidents.

Paintless Dent Removal is well liked because it works and it saves people and insurance companies thousands of rands, particularly because one does not have to go to a body shop to get it done. And, it can be done under certain conditions. For example, as long as the paint surface is intact, Paintless Dent Removal can be successful.

Normally, a body shop technician would fill a dent with body filler or paint that matched the vehicle’s paint. The results looked fine, however, the dent was always still there and the filler was never considered a long-term solution.

With Paintless Dent Removal, the technician must access the rear of the dent by removing panels, interior panels, taillights or whatever is behind the dent. Then, the technician uses special tools to literally massage out the dent. The vehicle is actually returned to its original condition.

Mag / Rim Repair

A mag wheel or steel wheel is generally defined as one containing magnesium or aluminum alloyed with steel (an “alloy” occurs when two or more metallic elements are combined). Steel wheels are oftentimes brittle.

Today, most new cars come with Alloy Wheels, which are alloys of aluminium and magnesium. They’re lighter than steel wheels, which used to be the standard, and provide better agility and spurts. They also look better. Alloys do, however, bend quicker during impacts and will fracture if bent too much. Depending, too, on chemical composition, some are softer and bend more easily than others and some, too, are brittle. Some are also susceptible to superficial damage caused by curbs, cleaners, and road salt.

If any of your wheel rims are damaged, of course it looks bad. More importantly, however, it’s unsafe to drive and you must get it repaired immediately.

Now, Here’s the “And More”

Batteries and More, located in Bruma, Johannesburg, sells and repairs batteries, alternators, and starters. But, there’s that “And More” part. Its professionally trained and experienced staff also performs Paintless Dent Removal and Mag / Rim Repair.

For over twenty years, Batteries & More has been servicing and repairing vehicles. Its owner managed, so it fully understands how customers get frustrated and worry over about downtime and loss of income when their vehicles require service. Batteries and More, however, is a mobile service company. It’s comes out to the customer. This practically eliminates downtime and provides total peace of mind.

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